How to Become Famous in 12 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

You’ve probably picked up on this by now (um, hopefully), but getting famous is NOT. EASY. You’ve got to grind at it constantly (like, every single day), researching, planning, and putting out only your best work. All of those pics that look effortless on Instagram are, well, often fake. “Hard work wins,” Fritzo says. “Things that ‘look’ easy, aren’t always easy. A lot goes on behind the scenes. Learn time-management. You are the boss of what you put out there.”

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How to Become Famous in 12 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

Being famous sounds pretty fabulous. You get tons of social media followers, everyone in the world knows who you are, and there are an insane amount of perks. Plus, you’re probably raking in major cash. But obviously, if getting (and staying) famous was easy, everyone would do it! It can take months, if not years, of dedication and hard work. Even those people who become household names “overnight” have usually hustled for hours and hours behind the scenes.

If you’re looking to get famous—from Instagram, YouTube, or otherwise—there *are* a few expert-approved tips and tricks to make your strut to stardom a little easier. I spoke to Laura Vogel, owner of Winged Pup Productions (a social media marketing and production company), and publicist Jill Fritzo, who has repped Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and more A-listers, to map out exactly how you, dear reader, can become a celebrity. Don’t forget about me once you’re flying first-class and shilling gummy bear hair vitamins, kay?

If you’ve got a talent, get an agent.

For those of you seeking out a more traditional path to stardom (for singing, acting, modeling, etc.), you need an agent, a manager, or some kind of representation. Fritzo says these professionals will not only help you find jobs, but they’ll help you strategize and make big-picture decisions about your career.

It really is all about who you know. Both Fritzo and Vogel say that networking is an absolute must if you’re trying to get famous. Email, DM, call, or, hell, even leave a comment on Instagram to connect with other people working in your arena. And if reaching out leads to some sort of collab that can grow your audience, even better. “There are some things that may come your way just by meeting the right people,” Fritzo said.

Begin By Making It All About Others, Not Yourself

  • Inspire, entertain and educate others without thought to making sales or promoting yourself or your business
  • Be a real person behind that company, not a faceless entity
  • Be accessible and transparent; have a social media presence that involves conversations; answer emails; be present wherever there are important conversations occurring, especially in groups related to your niche
  • Do not be “better” than others; rather be helpful and friendly and humble
  • Engage others daily, especially influencers. Hanging out with influencers makes you one too.
  • If you succeed, don’t be the first one to boast, but try to share the lessons you’ve learn and inspire other people to follow your path. And if you don’t succeed from the first attempt, don’t be discreet about your failure either. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes and talking about that, rather than trying to appear as a super human.

Compare this to the traditional concept of a supposed industry leader – one who gave an occasional interview; one who had “gatekeepers;” one who knew s/he was “better” than the others; one who was inaccessible. This won’t work for you, because you don’t have any fame yet.

Get Your Face and Your Personality “Out There”

It’s almost as if we have returned to days of old when storekeepers had personal relationships with all of their customers. Of course, these can no longer be face-to-face, but they can be strong relationships nevertheless. Today’s digital consumers of anything demand relationships.

If you have written a book, for example, you need to show online communities who you are, your sense of humor, your sense of compassion, your incredible expertise, whatever it is that makes you a bit of a “giant” in your niche. Provide excerpts from that book for free to every digital community possible. Set up book signings everywhere possible and call the local news media to cover them. Offer an additional benefit with a book purchase. Get buzz going by pushing your face and your personality, not just your book.

Inject your personality into everything you do online and on the ground. If you are in a business niche, hold events, make videos, and plaster them all over the place. Feature your customers in your blog posts, on your social media platforms. Do anything that you can to spread your brand by spreading the people factor, not by pushing the product or service. Come up with something that people will look forward to every week – things that will draw them to you and make them draw their communities to you too.

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To become famous, first decide what type of fame to pursue. If you want to be known for talent in something like music, sports, politics, or art, practice developing those abilities often. This takes time and hard work, but don’t get discouraged. Setting yourself apart from everybody else takes special commitment! After becoming an expert in your skill, regularly share photos and videos of your work on social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. When followers comment on posts or message you, respond so they learn how friendly and interesting you are. This will help people become more invested in viewing and sharing your content, which builds your brand’s popularity. A high-profile media presence is useful even if you’re seeking fame through less traditional routes like inventing useful products, sharing expertise on niche hobbies, founding service organizations, or trailblazing in fields like medicine or technology. However, if you want to get famous fast and don’t mind how long it lasts, just try something like posting a unique funny video on YouTube or auditioning for a reality show. Always remember that you are special no matter how many people you can get to double-tap a picture! To learn how to make a brand for yourself and start a fanbase, keep reading!


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