How To Succeed Without College

The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is .

Be Successful in Life Without a College Degree – 50 Tips to Help You

Not everyone have the chance of getting a degree. Are you such a person? If YES, here are 50 tips on how to become successful in life without going to college. According to recent statistics, about 44 million people in the united states owe student loans worth over .45 trillion dollars. The most amusing thing about this is that most of the people who took out these loans, spend a huge part of their lives, if not the rest of their lives, paying off the debt.

This is largely due to the fact that some are unable to get jobs after college, while some just get jobs that can barely pay the bills. If you took out a loan equivalent to all your college expenses (including tuition and living expenses), and used it to start a business instead of going to college, there is a very huge chance that by the time your mates are graduating from college, you would have built a successful business empire and maybe employ a few of your colleagues with college degrees.

Consider a professional certification

Another option for entering your career without college is to obtain a professional certification in a trade or specialty like construction, health care and technology. For example, many construction professions don’t require college, and you can find jobs in the industry that include roles in labor, office administration and customer service. A certification can require you to take special coursework that can vary in length depending on the profession and certification requirements.

Consider deepening your knowledge about a topic to advance your skill set. For instance, taking an online course that teaches you how to use computer coding to build websites can prepare you for a career in web development. This can lead to further opportunities to build websites for paying clients or entering a role in a technology company.

Going To College Research Paper

With this being said, jobs are becoming that much harder to find for someone without a degree because they dont have the skills that many jobs are requiring these days. Someone who has gone to college has experienced challenges and many employers value that . People who go to college have to face tough tests and that is something that someone with a high school degree may not experience. Someone with a college degree can also be more diverse and more talented than someone with a high school degree . Given that they are more talented, they would have a better chance of bringing in more

Develop new skills that can help you boost your hiring chances. For instance, if you’re interested in a career as a sales representative, participate in skill development and training that teaches you effective sales techniques, customer service communication skills and other skills you need for your career field.

Finding A Job With Flexjobs

Getting a job without a degree is possible in many different career fields. No matter what stage youre at in your career, or what your level of education is, FlexJobs has real and legitimate flexible jobs that are updated daily. Our advanced search function can narrow down your results to help you find just the right job for your circumstances.

Youve probably been told the importance of college a million times. Many family members, teachers and even friends likely extol going to college and securing a white-collar, nine-to-five job as the only path to happiness. With so much pressure to go to college and follow the traditional career path, it can feel like theres no other road to success.

If youre an aspiring young entrepreneur, know that you dont have to give into that feeling I believe that the days when going to college was a no-brainer ended a long time ago. Furthermore, there are increasing numbers of happy, successful professionals who showcase that theres another career path in todays society.

After graduating high school, I attended college, as I had been taught this was the only path to acquire the American Dream. I was so eager to finish school and get a well-paying job that I doubled up on classes. However, after attaining my degree, it was very difficult to get a job. I finally decided to work for myself and started my own company. Heres what I wish I knew:

Educate yourself. Read books written by successful people to learn how to do whatever it is that you want to do. Personally speaking, the books I would recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs are How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.


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