A Letter To A Stranger: What Should You Write

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10 Ways to Teach Letter Formation

Here we are covering creative letter formation activities to help children with letter formation practice to create the motor plan of actually writing and forming letters. This handout on letter formation will support parents, teachers, and therapists with advocating for this functional handwriting skill.

Teaching letter formation can be a complicated thing for children with visual perception challenges, fine motor skill difficulties, or sensory processing concerns. In this article, you will find creative ways to teach letter formation.

So many members of the group question how to teach letter formation. They wonder where to start with teaching kids to write letters or they are challenged by kids who have formed bad habits with letter formation.

Read on to find 10 creative ways to teach letter formation whether you are starting at the beginning with a young child or are addressing those pesky bad handwriting habits that have resulted in poor letter formation and therefore, legibility.

Creative Ways to Teach Letter Formation

These fun handwriting activities are those that add a fresh concept to teaching letter formation. You can use these ideas to teach pre-writing skills or to work on specific letters.

When using the ideas below, it’s typically recommended to start with uppercase letters because of the simplified forms and letters that for the most part, start at the top and are formed in a downward pencil stroke, which is developmentally appropriate for young children. Read more about the order to teach letters like cursive letter order here.

Using a non-pencil activity to teach handwriting can be the trick to get kids interested in writing!

When kids are learning to write, knowing how to write letters can be hard! These handwriting activities are great for anyone trying to teach letter formation to kids.

Why do it in the first place?

You might feel super excited to have a few days off of work, and just get to spend some time at home. But for a lot of people, this is already a reality in their day-to-day life. Elderly in nursing homes don’t leave their residences as much as you and I, with maybe a few trips outside throughout the year as their highlights. Now with the extra precautions taken to protect their physical health, the far majority of elderly will receive little to no visitations in the coming months. Loneliness is already very common among the elderly. While I am all for keeping them physically healthy, I can only imagine what these measures are doing to their emotional wellbeing. And while we have plenty of online avenues to reach each other (Facetime, Zoom, etc), not all elderly are as tech savvy.

Writing a letter gives someone a bit of distraction from their day-to-day routine. Moreover, seeing their name on an envelope shows them that someone is thinking of them – that they are loved! That someone took the time and effort to write them a letter, share a story, tell them that they matter. It has a big impact on someone! And while a Skype call may lift someone’s spirits for a bit, a letter is something they can look back on and re-read multiple times. Don’t ever underestimate the power a written word can have on someone. It can calm their nerves and help create tangible memories.

Write something encouraging

While it might be easy to unload your worries and frustrations on paper, letters to strangers are an act of kindness: make sure yours brings joy! Write something that will encourage someone in a time of loneliness. Maybe an write inspiring anekdote, recite a poem that inspires you or share a life lesson. Something that might seem small to you can have a big influence on a stranger, so go with your gut.

One thing that lonely people don’t hear often enough is that they matter. That someone is thinking of them. That they have worth. Seeing those words on paper, can reach someone deep in their heart – and can be even more powerful than hearing those words said in person. Something about words on a paper makes it real, solidifies them, makes them more true. And as mentioned before, letters can be re-read over and over.

Sample Letter Write A Letter To A Stranger Love Notes Envelope Calligraphy

Frequently Asked Questions

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