About Us

We started turfwriters.org, Wisconsin years ago to allow deliberate on environmental issues. They love the environment as you love yourself. How many times do we forget to love ourselves? The answer is all clear that we always forget ourselves and the environment could be facing the same problem. People are complaining every day that the environment is not doing all too well. For that reason, turfwriters.org is here to keep you, environmentally conscious, to enable you to live green and will allow you to to make the world a clean and green place.

Our business

The environment cannot make itself better. The effort of more than one individual can surely do that. For that reason we believe, turfwriters.org can engage communities through environmental initiatives, environmental education, and eco or green living techniques. In the end, we need people to be able to enjoy a pleasant and healthier environment; nothing could make us happier.

Our blog

Turfwriters.org is the work of some people, journalists, columnists, bloggers, and writers who have been in environmental organizations in the past. The purpose is to be able to share what they have learned over the years to make the environment we live in a better place. Their articles are therefore informing, educating, persuading and hugely engaging. The end game is that people get to see that the world deserves to look better.

We also welcome anyone that wants to guest blog with us. We know that we are not alone in this and having more environmental warriors amongst not only makes happy but also gives us the impetus to pull this mission successfully.

We also believe that we do not own all the ideas and that an extra head, an extra hand will do us good in projecting the right messages out there to avoid the harsh realities of green karma.

Our end game

Even as we try to engage people in matter environment in Wisconsin, we will be delighted to see a change in the way people do things. We know all too well that we might be blowing no sense, but in the end, we need to provide solutions that apply to the people. We need to feel better that we have done well for the environment. In the end the people of Wisconsin, US should be able to live green, live clean and live healthy.