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Human’s Capabilities to Climate Change

There have been persistent impediments to the attainment of considerable milestones in mitigating greenhouse gas emission. The hindrances make it likely that climate change will occur on a large scale and bring irreversible consequences. The development of a robust conceptual framework for the limits to adaptation, which is informed by valid and reliable theoretical constructs, […]

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Population and Environment relations

The population growth and the environment we live in are closely related. The major forces behind change in population are fertility, mortality, and increased migration. The rates are different all across the entire world and essentially are higher in developing countries. One reason is due to the lack of funds to obtain contraceptives. Mortality rates refer to […]

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The Danger of Air pollution. Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act

Industrialization was an era marked by the increase in the number of industries in many countries. The use of coal and oil for energy production, to run the machines, contributed to the growth in production. The Economic development came with the adverse side effect, with controversies arising over economic growth and an increase in pollution. […]

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