The Future’s in Our Hands

The law of diffusion works so well in the world. That I believe that another person is doing well for the environment somewhere else, we end up not achieve anything. We believe that we can do it and that the power is right between our hands. has bestowed upon itself responsibilities, a mission, a vision, and goals to make the city of Wisconsin a healthier place to live. We have set the bar high for ourselves, and we are positive we can handle it.

Our Mission

Environmental Writers Association mission is to protect the environment, to improve the environment, to make Wisconsin greener again and to fight pollution and its effects, to make the environment more sustainable.

Our Goals

 This mission will not be possible by working as a single entity. Some goals we have set aside for ourselves as follows make the success of our mission possible:


  • Enlighten people on making environmentally responsible choices: The society lives with lesser information. Maybe ignorance. org aims to shed light on people on how to dispose of waste and proper waste management methods.
  • Develop initiatives to ensure a clean Wisconsin: Engage in monthly or quarterly cleaning programs to ensure the city of Wisconsin stay green and clean through waste collection and better waste disposing modes.
  • Support people who are engaging in environmental initiatives: We know that some people are engaging in making the environment look better. We are ready to support in whatever way to make a difference.
  • Encourage planting of more trees
  • Pull resources aimed at achieving environmental goals
  • Take part in the national tree planting day
  • Contribute to policy making for a greener environmental
  • Fight for better waste management systems


We believe that through our writing, will make the environment more sustainable through the achieving goals set aside for the same purpose.